Little helper, large impact

It's all about objectives

You target cost-effective processes even for small quantities, shortest cycle times with a high number of cavities & lowest dimensional tolerances?! A turnkey, reliable and durable mold & tooling solutions that works effectively over years and the maintenance - in case it will be necessary - is becoming a child's play?!


We at roth love to do the impossible for you!


Who is thinking about the maintenance costs first of all, when purchasing a mold? They are a crucial factor for the total cost of ownership. Did you know you are able to reduce the maintenance effort by up to 1/3 due to passion to detail?

Your success is our top-priority at roth! So that, we are always seeking to think out of the box to find the most effective and efficient solution – this goes far deeper than just the tool or mold itself!


Small magnet - large impact

Who could have thought, that we are able to reduce your maintenance and set up times significantly because of the usage of a simple magnet?! Moreover, due to the higher flexibility compared to traditional screwing systems you are not only saving time. You also lower the error rates within mounting works, which reflects 1:1 on your total costs of ownership!



This is just an example how we get things done at roth – unique. precise. turnkey. – throughout all phases of your project; from the first idea until series production. 

If 1K, 2K, 3K, GID, IMD or IML; if efficiency enhancement, process optimization, cycle times shortening or striving for sustainability – your goals are our mission! Let’s make the world more effective and efficient together!

As we are detail lovers, we would cherish to scrutinize your project! As we are looking forward to driving your objectives into reality! Get in touch with us!

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